Michele DiMeo

Michele DiMeo

Michele DiMeo is a seasoned professional in the restaurant and franchise industry, bringing a wealth of experience to her role as the Principal-Franchise Operations and President of Squisito® Franchise Enterprises, INC since its inception in May 2010. Her journey in the culinary world extends further back to July 2008 when she assumed the position of Chief Operations Officer/Director of stores for the MONTE Restaurant Development Group, based in Annapolis, Maryland.


Owning and operating four Squisito® NY Pizza and Pasta restaurants in Maryland, Michele has also ventured into various full-service restaurant concepts, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. She held a prominent position as one of the founding members of the National Pizza Council, an organization in collaboration with the National Restaurant Association.


Beyond her executive roles, Michele DiMeo has become a recognized public figure, gracing the cover of multiple fashion and business magazines. Her influence extends into the media landscape, where she has been featured in podcasts, TV appearances, and as a guest speaker at events nationwide. Currently, Michele is involved in the creation of her reality show, “Restaurant Diva Speaks,” and is developing a comprehensive retail line of products.


In the world of wine, Michele is an importer from Veneto, Italy, producing three varietals of grapes under the brand Restaurant Diva Imports. She also shares her insights and experiences through a column in five newspapers across New York City titled “Restaurant Diva Speaks.”


Michele DiMeo is not only a dedicated professional but also a loving mother of three incredible daughters aged 25, 20, and 4. For those seeking more information or wanting to connect, Michele can be contacted via email at michele@monterdg.com or through her website restaurantdiva.com. Her multifaceted career and commitment to excellence make Michele a standout figure in the culinary and entrepreneurial landscape.